Power. That’s why we train. The power to push beyond your limits, to be competitive, hit the perfect set and prove you will reach any goal. The power you gain from gulping down cold, clear air before work in the park or when you dump a day’s worth of frustration through the squat cage. The power to make yourself healthier, stronger and better than you ever thought you could be. The power to buck the system and to take the path less trodden. The power to be the best you, and to surround yourself with a pack of like-minded motivated warriors who also believe in better. However you train, it’s how we take control from the rest of the world and leave our worries far behind that will help us grow.

It’s why Emerge exists. We started 3 years ago with just one Grip, but that one Grip was loaded with more radical innovation than the entire range of most major brands. We created a massive impact, we reset some benchmarks, we learnt some lessons. The biggest, was that if you have the best fitness product designers working with total control you can create power for everyone! It started with our OX1 and has lead to our entire range of simple, hard core, quality personal fitness products designed for power.

2017 sees our range extending this power to even more athletes than ever, building on our success and rewriting the rules for massive personal growth for men and women who believe in better. Find your own perfect power on our site and discover what you are truly capable of.